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47218902 Rate this first strike idea: several 747 motherships disguised as civilian cargos enter a country's airspace simultaneously in different areas and unleash their swarm of cheap micro fighters who target vital infrastructure like airfields, ports, bridges, highways and so on. Specifications (CL-1201-1, as designed) Span: 1,120 feet (341 meter) Gross weight: 11.85 million pounds (5375 metric tonnes) Endurance: 41 days Reactor output: 1830 megawatts The P-1112 Aigaion, also known as the "Great Shadow",2 was an Aigaion-class heavy command cruiser created by the Eastern Faction during the Estovakian Civil War. It entered service in September, 2012. Roll Random Map! Remants of the USS Macon "flying aircraft carrier," which sank to the bottom of the Pacific Ocean in 1935 along with four biplanes attached. Darpa has invited people to submit ideas for a 'flying aircraft carrier' The concept resembles Helicarrier used in the 2012 film, The Avengers; … The kite resembles China’s Type 002 aircraft carrier, which is currently at the port of Dalian receiving a new gray flight deck coating. Posted On May 27, 2020 12:28:52 The world is well aware of how the Navy uses its massive fleet of aircraft carriers to dominate the oceans while protecting America. The Flying Battleship Balrog from Strider, a massive aircraft carrier that flies thanks to gravity control. ® Bootnote. Let's assume that the aerodynamics of the flying carrier itself are more or less irrelevant and that the antigrav does not scale to fighter-sized aircraft. Together with the advent of long-range fighters equipped with air-to-air missiles and aerial refueling, the entire concept of flying aircraft carrier was discarded in favor of safer solutions. Some of the configurations include UH-60 helicopter flying nearby in … Tim Kirkpatrick. v Han/122071 AT To 2N EVS Unitid S a s Patent" o FLYING meant cARRIiJR Melvin R. Maglio', Jr.,s i|isim,caiir. Image source: Kratos Defense. Aircraft Carrier Pilot Simulator is a great flight simulation in which you can control many different types of airplanes and you can play it online and for free on October 27, 2009 Aircraft Carriers, Aviation, Military Aviation. Introducing the flying drone aircraft carrier. Most MacDill personnel began the evacuation when a flock of flying triangles appeared over the sky. The video cuts to sailors and airmen now on the deck of the carrier, clearly engrossed in what’s going on out at sea. Completed in 2018, 002 has already conducted numerous sea trials in the Bohai Sea. Assuming the GAV tests continue to pan out, we could see the C-130 deployed to a genuine aircraft carrier role at some point in the future. Terraforming - small terrain test. MELVIN R. MAGuo TR. You will get the nuclear aircraft carrier (actually two carriers – Nimitz and Ike) in 12 different aircraft and crew setups – from empty deck to the carrier that is packed with planes. For more than a decade, AeroVironment has been the name to beat in the production of small drones … No country currently has the technology to engineer a true flying aircraft carrier, but the technology does exist for something nearly as interesting: a “surface effects ship” or SES that rides a cushion of air across the surface. Turn on your engine and reach a nice speed to start flying up to the sky on a cool F-35 fighter or a huge KC-10 refueling tanker. If speed is a factor (I suspect it might be), then let's say the aircraft carrier can do about twice the speed of a Zeppelin, or 250 km/h. Flying to/from an aircraft carrier with a C-2 Greyhound. The U.S. Navy’s new carrier onboard delivery platform, the CMV-22B Osprey tilt-rotor, has landed on an aircraft carrier for the first time. The wreck of the famous USS Macon, an American ‘flying aircraft carrier’, has been seen more than 80 years after it crashed off the coast of California. flying-aircraft-carrier-4282235. Even if you don't post your own creations, we appreciate feedback on ours. The C-2, based on the Grumman E-2 Hawkeye AWACS platform, can carry up to 26 passengers or 10,000 pounds of cargo to and from an aircraft carrier. Join us! The kite has the same hull number (17) as the yet-unnamed carrier. Sins of a Solar Empire has several examples; the Sova and Percheron for TEC, the Halcyon and Aeria Hosts for the Advent, and the Skirata and Lasurak for the Vasari. Well... a good way to answer an engineering question is to look at what is currently available, and then extrapolate. After Phase 3 of the Gremlins project is complete, the Air Force will probably want to order up a stealthy "mothership" to take over the role of "flying aircraft carrier." 1 of 29. 29 Sea Sparrow eight-round missile launchers and two Mk. David Cenciotti. An Ulyanovsk-class carrier controlled by the Skully Islands insurrection forces, one of the first carriers seen in the franchise. It had a crew of 89 and was protected by seven machine guns. For the first time, British and American jets are flying together, as they launch from the Royal Navy's new aircraft carrier. The Akron was designed to be a warship and the world’s first flying aircraft carrier. Beijing's first aircraft carrier, the Liaoning, is a re-fitted Soviet-era Ukrainian ship and named after the province where it was revamped. The United States improved on the concept of the flying aircraft carrier in the the two decades following the Great War. W WMMa/n w/Omz'ahozu ATTORNEYS Feb. 5, 1957 R MAGLIQ; JR I 2,780,422 . The kite resembles China’s Type 002 aircraft carrier, which is currently at the port of Dalian receiving a new gray flight deck coating. FLYING AIRCRAFT CARRIER Filed July s, 1955 2 Sheets-Sheet 2 INVENTOR. Known as the CODs (for Carrier Onboard Delivery), these aircraft transport personnel, spare parts, mail, and other necessities to the carriers from land. A modern U.S. supercarrier has three Mk. The Akron and Macon. This is the short and tragic history of the flying aircraft carrier. The USS Macon was the US Navy’s latest innovation in military technology but it sunk in 1935 and has been buried at … Good work by Mark Dorman in spotting this incredible ship. The USS Akron, commissioned in 1932, was a 785-foot long helium-filled scout airship that could launch up to five fighter aircraft in mid-air – and then recover them too! We're a community of creatives sharing everything Minecraft! It returns into view, now flying in the horizon perpendicular to the aircraft carrier. More Maps by MinecraftRepro. In summary, those readers who live by the sea, or any reasonably large lake or river should keep their eyes peeled for unscheduled flying aircraft carrier landings, presumably preceded by black helicopter reconaissance flights. The Aigaion later played a key role in Estovakia's initial success during the Emmeria-Estovakia War. But the modern military's budget would likely burst trying to build and operate a full-size flying aircraft carrier that weighs 100,000 tons and stretches the length of three football fields, according to a U.S. Navy official at Naval Air Systems Command. The airborne aircraft carrier could carry up to 22 fighter aircraft externally and had an internal dock capable of handling two air-to-ground shuttle transport aircraft. The Tu-16 banks up and briefly disappears back into the haze, this time in the opposite direction. Join Planet Minecraft! Introducing the flying drone aircraft carrier. Kratos XQ-58A Valkyrie combat drone. Flying aircraft carrier Anonymous 11/09/20(Mon)13:16:26 No. A carrier's real muscle is its aircraft squadron, but it has a number of built-in weapons, as well, to take down any enemy aircraft or missiles attacking the ship. A flying aircraft carrier would be able to respond much more quickly to crises than seagoing aircraft carriers, and this speed would also make a floating flat-top more difficult to destroy. MELVIN z- MAGLJOJTE. The loss of both airships effectively ended the flying aircraft carrier program. Two Navy sailors were killed in the crash. The Akron, and her sister ship, the USS Macon, were meant to be reconnaissance craft. FLYING AIRCRAFT CARRIER 2 Sheets-Sheet 1 INVENTOR. November 12, 2020 November 12, 2020. First Uploaded: March 11, 2016 Last Updated: March 11, 2016 Last Downloaded: 4 hours ago Triangle-Shaped UFO Filmed On U.S Aircraft Carrier in the Mediterranean Sea – Leaked Video. But for now, the flying aircraft carrier is best left in comic books and the movies.

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